Donations As Wedding Favors: The Perfect Way To Make Your Wedding Memorable And Helpful

Everybody likes to receive wedding favors from the couple, whether it is of the edible kind, the practical type, or the displayable variety. For your wedding, you are thinking along this line and looking at catalogs for wedding favors like cute wine bottle stoppers, quirky scented candles, sweet mints and candies, delectable cookies and cupcakes, sweet picture frames and fridge magnets. However, you can make your wedding more memorable by giving donations to charitable causes of your choice. You can always provide for the abovementioned wedding favors if you have the budget for them and you want concrete objects to have and to hold; your guests will surely love your thoughtfulness. Do Your Research Before you make charitable donations to the organization of your choice, be sure to do your research. Organizations have different approaches to accepting donations and spending contributions, which you need to be aware of before you sign that check. You can check the Internet first. You have to make sure that your choice of organization issues an official receipt for your donation, which could be used for tax deduction purposes. Otherwise, you need to start looking somewhere else lest you run into trouble with the law. With the problems you face in your wedding preparations, you definitely do not want trouble in your wedding favors where there is none expected. Donation Ideas First, determine who and what you would like to help. This way, you can narrow down your wedding favors cum donations to these choices: * Environmental Causes Visit the website of your favorite environmental group and make a donation through your credit card, which should take you very little time. You can check out National Arbor Day Foundation, Save the Elephants, Greenpeace or any local environmental group you want. For example, National Arbor will plant trees in the name of your guests. For presentation, you can place a table card with an image of a tree, the guest’s name and your favorite tree quote. Your guests will be thrilled to know that a tree is planted in their honor! * Disaster Causes You can donate to organizations helping to assist victims of disaster rebuild their lives. Check out the Twin Towers Fund, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and any local organization helping your neighbors. Furthermore, you can save on the cost of your wedding since you determine how much you donate. You can present this donation through cards with messages of thanks from the organization and from you. * Cancer Research and Patients You might have a family member battling the Big C. Your donation to cancer research will warm his heart and those of your guests, too. You can check out the hospitals that have cancer wards and ask around for the patients who need help the most. You can also directly donate to cancer research institutes. The documentary requirements to make the contribution legal will be more complicated but it is worth the trouble. Check out the Make a Wish Foundation, The American Cancer Society and your local hospital. These donation ideas are just a few but when you put your mind to it, you can find other causes to support. How about feeding the hungry? Or clothing the poor? Whatever you decide on for your wedding favors, always remember that it is your thought that counts. If you decide to give both donations and concrete favors, then everybody gets to be happy on your most special day.

Creating A Wedding Plan Budget List – Wedding Planning Guide

No matter how wealthy or how poor one is, keeping a track of your expense always a good habit. And for the same reason anyone who has an upcoming wedding should have a wedding budget list. Wedding budget list – how it is made? Before you get to a final figure, start off by making a complete list of requirements for your wedding. One by one just recollect the requirements and write it on paper along with approx cost. Things that you should try and count cost for are the church / house of prayer, reception hall, decorations, dress, groom formal attire & brides evening gown or dress, flowers, menu, photography and music and many other. Once the list is prepared you can put a tentative price against each one and total up to know where you are headed. The budget for a wedding ranges from anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000. You’re your budget in a way that you could ending up paying more than you initially set our to. By dong this you are not splurging merely making room for any unforeseen expenses. So if you want that you would like to spend $15,000 on your wedding then have in place at least $16500. Supposing you would like to meet your wedding expenses within $10,000 then create a budget which spends only $9000 or even less. An early decision on who will be paying for the wedding is necessary. If you both as a couple would meet out the entire expenditure or is they’re going to be some family contribution or something else. All this will just make you know that from where the finances are going to pour in. And at the end of the end you will not have to run from pillar to post to acquire the sum. So whichever way to look at the wedding budget it is of great importance the you plan out the wedding budget. Have a small budget in which to carry out your wedding! Never mind if you have a small budget in place to finance your wedding, many other people to have similar budget constraints. At this point wedding budget planning comes in handy and actually proves crucial to existence itself. You must have prepared the list of requirements for the wedding along with cash in hand status. Pick a pen and tick those things that cannot be separated from the list for instance your dress or cake and cross those that could be done away with. Then put each of those items on a fresh page, when that is done put some alternatives to that item that will pinch your pocket less. For instance, your liking is designer/expensive watch, or some costumed stitched dress well it is highly unlikely that all these could fit into your small budget. So find the alternatives to your requirements on the Internet where exquisite watches and handsomely crafted dresses can be found at much more better prices than you were willing to buy at. Surely it might consume some of your time but eventually it will be a fraction of what you set out to pay. Plan ahead of time so that nothing is left for the 11th hour. Budgeting: A Complete Guide to Idiot Proof Your Wedding KIS or keep it simple is something we all have heard. This goes unsaid for your budget as well. Though this is once in a life time day for you but it doesn’t mean splurging on all your savings. Create a expenses dairy where in you can note your requirements as well expenses day to day. Various online sites offer information as well help to plan and execute your wedding planning. is one that comes instantly to mind. There are tips that shall help you a great deal. Once you have given a particular heading to the expenses, you can assign the priority to each one and then spend money wisely. This will allow you to enjoy you wedding peacefully without having any regrets later on with regards to excessive expenditure.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Everybody dreams of having a fairytale wedding and all girls want to feel like a princess on their wedding day. Imagine yourself as a blushing beautiful bride leisurely walking down the aisle and everyone is staring at you in your lovely and remarkably attractive gown awaited by the guests and the groom to be. Such a dream in mind will soon become a reality for brides to be and so they are planning and spending much of their time preparing for their dream wedding dress or gown. In selecting a wedding gown, it takes more than just having a picture perfect dress from a well-known designer featured in a magazine spread. You have to keep in mind that in choosing or deciding for a wedding gown, it has to fit your needs, demand and your personality. It is always practical to not spend so much for your gown. A custom fit wedding gown comes with an expensive price as compared to those hanging on the rack in department stores. The price of your wedding dress also depends on the fabric used, the intricate details, the style and the designer. Before purchasing a wedding dress always make sure that you already have your budget in mind and make sure that you don’t go way over the budget you have set. The next thing that should come to mind will be how you look on your chosen style of gown. Don’t forget to put your wedding gown needs first plus think of a design that will fit your wedding theme. In case you are still confused because of the numerous styles that you saw on the magazines or on the runway, it is still advised that you stick to the simple yet sophisticated classic wedding gown design. The classic traditional wedding dress will never go out of fashion. Comfort is also another very important consideration. Remember you will be wearing your wedding dress for several hours from the wedding ceremony all the way to the wedding reception. Not only must you look stunning in your wedding gown, you must be free from stress plus must not be conscious about your gown all the time. It would definitely be a plus if the shop where you bought your wedding gown would make alterations or changes for free or for a low cost to fit within your allowed budget. It is better if a family member or a friend tags along with you when you are choosing a gown. It is even best if that person has already gone through the experience of getting married. Two heads are definitely better than one. They can really help you in your decision making. Do not rush when buying a wedding gown unless you are absolutely sure that it is the ideal gown for you. You can have it reserved while you go and scout for more designs and just get back to the store after a week or so of trying on other wedding gown designs. Avoid spending too much of your time in selecting a wedding gown. Bring to mind that you have other important matters to attend to like the venue, the food and most especially your soon-to-be husband. Published at:

What Does The Perfect Wedding Dress Look Like?

When everyone’s attention is on the bride, it is important for her to look her best. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is vital in capturing the bride’s elegance and beauty. With all the selections available it can sometimes be hard to decide where to start in selecting that perfect wedding gown. Before one can know exactly what it is they are looking for in a wedding dress, it can be important to understand where some of the modern traditions in popular styles originated from, in order to help make an educated selection. Prior to modern times, elegant weddings were held for the prestigious and were mostly arranged marriages. Therefore, the bride and grooms were often looked upon as symbols of the wealth of the family. Because of this, it was thought important for the bride to be adorned with as much glamour and trinkets as possible. Wedding gowns came in many colors and styles and the more large and grand the size of the dress; the more beautiful it was considered. Many of the styles that the wealthy wore were imitated throughout the various ranks of the social classes, but it was hard for lower class citizens to even have a formal ceremony as income was sparse. Instead woman would wear church attire as cheap wedding dresses. As time moved on the styles began to change with the culture. But the trend of the rich setting the styles seemed to stay the same. It wasn’t until the year 1840 that the white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria. Up until that point dresses were commonly various colors, but the Queen looked so beautiful in her dress that it set a new trend that in a lot of cases carries over to this day and age. Today tastes are much broader, but it is still important to consider things such as cost and popularity when selecting a dress for that special day. If the budget is willing a designer dress may be the way to go, but it is also important to consider location. A designer dress wouldn’t make much sense to wear outdoors at say a beach wedding. Instead a beautiful beach wedding dress would be more appropriate. These tend to be higher cut dresses with less fabric and are perfect for that Caribbean wedding. Not going to the beach, but still plan on having an outdoor or casual service? Informal wedding dresses are a perfect solution for not having to worry about dragging your expensive designer dress through the dirt or mud. Modest wedding gowns are available in all designs, colors, and sizes and are perfect for any budget. Wedding dresses are as diverse as the brides themselves. Plus size wedding gowns, custom jewelry, and select accessories are readily available. Not spending as much on a dress can leave money for an exciting honey moon and many may not think spending a lot on a designer dress is practical for a dress that will only be worn once. Others still might want a dress that can be passed down from one generation to the next so going that extra mile on a dress just might seem worth it. What ever it is you’re looking for chances are that you can find the right dress for you. Published at:

Make a Perfect Wedding Photos Also Need a Nice Wedding Dress

White gauze never very simple, after all, is solemnly wedding. But highlighting the waist and chest curve is a must. If they are not quite sure, but also allows dress assistant to help reference. There is a need to try to see the effect, hang in there when the wedding did not feel. How to choose clothes wedding photographs? Too much flash is now out of fashion decoration, lace, embroidery and hidden in plain several layers of tulle under the small bright spot would be to fine impression. In particular, do not choose the kind of upper and lower body covered with plastic sequins and beads wedding, just a bit rustic. Evening dress choose it more cumbersome. Because the body still has certain requirements. How to choose clothes wedding photographs? Plump type bride can choose fluffy skirt plus shawl, a kind of elegant temperament; emaciated bride can choose dress Slim class, but in the chest or hips have large flowers decoration to emphasize female beauty. Colors are arbitrary. To believe their own aesthetic. See their own set of the most comfortable that is what you want. Do not control what others say, because the wedding in your own heart is the most valuable in the future and also his most memorable, even if 100 people that bad, as long as the bride and her husband love, then what does it matter? Costume elect not make any taboos. Because both the wide big, and they are red tone. Very festive. I suggested it, really wear big red dress, it is best to be red lips a little, but not too prominent eye makeup really make a costume beauty. For example costume. Otherwise, just like foreigners visiting the Forbidden City, a bit strange …… these can communicate in advance with make-up artist, to prepare them. Princess dress rarely systemic red, Coronet Xiapei generally have a lot of blue tones decor, makeup choices more abundant. In addition, how to choose clothes wedding photographs also need to pay attention to these questions: A, wedding dress ready How to choose clothes wedding photographs? Choose wedding dress is generally in the day of shooting, make-up with the help of makeup artist after election. Also according to the situation own casual or lovers, male and female clothing, taking into account the color and style of coordination. 2, the location choice of clothing Light-colored dress more suitable for outdoor scenes, avoid choosing heavy clothing were bloated oh. How to choose clothes wedding photographs? MM removable shoulder strap to wear underwear or preparing invisible underwear, coat color coordination to prepare as well, wedding in light (flesh) is better. 3, shoes How to choose clothes wedding photographs? Any location shooting, you can wear a pair of comfortable shoes, if it is wedding photography, best girls on the color of shoes ready light, boys may consider whether the color of the pants and prepare coordination. 4, flowers and accessories Can prepare some flowers, hats accessories like a small thing, maybe give the stylist to inspiration in the overall mix on the finishing touch. How to choose clothes wedding photographs? If you have dolls, pets or memorable things (such as a token of love and the like) can bring to add some photos of the plot. Published at:

Perfect Dress, Perfect Day: Wedding Dresses Atlanta

If you are looking for perfect wedding dresses Atlanta might be the place for you. Here there are many stores you can choose from and so you have unlimited options when in comes to wedding dresses. Getting married is a huge step in a woman’s life and the last thing she needs to worry about is not finding the perfect wedding dress. This is why when you decide to look for wedding dresses Atlanta is the place to start. First of all you should try to picture the perfect wedding dress for you: what length should it have, do you want long sleeves, short sleeves or do you prefer a strapless dress etc. All that you should keep in mind, because narrowing down your options increases the chances for you to find the perfect wedding dresses Atlanta has to offer. Second of all, don’t lose your patience! You have to know that you are not the first bride that tried on a hundred dresses for nothing and you won’t be the last. It’s important to stay focused on your goal and the search among the wedding dresses Atlanta has in store will be a lot easier. Try not to get too disappointed if you went on wedding dress hunting for a few days with no results. There are so many options and designs that it will be hard to decide. There thousands wedding dresses Atlanta has to offer, so you will need a lot of time to search among them. When going to search for wedding dresses Atlanta might become a web, so the best way to start your search is by building up a plan. Take a map of the city and surround the areas with bridal stores. Look at the areas and try to begin from one side of the city and afterwards move up to the other. This way will be able to keep a better track of the wedding dresses Atlanta bridal stores you went to, and the ones you still have to visit. If you found the wedding dress of your dreams try searching on the internet for sites of wedding dresses Atlanta bridal stores have and see if you find it there. This will save a lot of time for you and it is probably more comfortable as well. If you don’t find it there, don’t lose your optimism; as I said before there a lot of wedding dresses Atlanta has in stores, so it’s practically impossible that you don’t find the right one for you. The day you get marry must be the happiest day of your life. You commit to someone and you agree to share everything with that special man you found. This is the day when your life starts to change and you must have the best memories of this day. Your wedding dress it’s the thing that you will remember all your life, so when looking for it think that out of all the wedding dresses Atlanta has to offer, somewhere in a little bridal store you will find the wedding dress of your dreams. Published at:

Top Tips: The Perfect Jewelry for the Perfect Wedding Dress

Do not ruin the perfect wedding dress with the all-too-wrong, all-too-inappropriate jewelry lest you find yourself less-than-the-radiant bride on your most important of days. You have to strike the right balance between the size and shape of the jewelry vis-?-vis the color and cut of your wedding gown for that all-too-desired vavavoom effect. Here is how. Less is More And, girl, is that the truth! You must never fall into the tacky trap of over-accessorizing precisely because you want to call attention to yourself, not to the bling-blings strung all over you like a rap star with a serious fetish for chunky, clunky gold chains and big rocks. Channel Grace Kelly, snub Snoop Dogg. You get the point. For example, if you are wearing a tiara, skip the necklace. Or if you are wearing diamond earrings, skip the necklace, too. Or if you want to wear a statement necklace, skip the rest of the jewelry set. The important point is to wear jewelry that will both complement your wedding gown and draw attention to your radiant face. This brings you to the next point. Look at the Cut and Design No, not the cut of the gemstone. Your wedding jewelry must complement the cut of your wedding gown to provide you with the perfect fit. (And here you were worrying about fitting into your gown on the day itself! But this match is a must-do) To help you choose the perfect jewelry, you can consider these suggestions: For the strapless bridal gown, you can wear a statement necklace with bold design that can draw attention to your neckline. Again, you should skip piling on other jewelry otherwise you will be decked out like an out-of-season Christmas tree. For the halter dress, you can don diamond stud earrings to highlight the gown’s cut. If you feel naked without hand jewelry, then you can add in a simple and stunning bracelet. For the sweetheart neckline, you can opt for a lariat necklace for that sexy effect. For the heavily beaded and heavily embroidered bridal gown, you must lay off on the elaborate jewelry. Your bridal gown will be the focal point of your aura already! For the simple bridal gown, you can go bold and daring but steer clear of brash and tacky. Again, the important thing is that your jewelry must complement instead of distract from your wedding gown. Lay On the Tradition Or you can create one of your own! Your jewelry can follow the age-old adage about “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence for your shoe” but definitely not all at the same time. Again, less is more when it comes to bridal jewelry. For example, you can wear sapphire jewelry for the something blue part. Or the heirloom tiara for the something old and the small albeit contemporary diamond stud earrings for the something new part. These suggestions can make your head spin but rest assured that when you see the “perfect jewelry”, you will know as surely as you know the design of your wedding gown. Trust your woman’s intuition on this but a mirror will come in handy, too! Published at:

Make Your Wedding Perfect, With The Perfect Dress For Your Flower Girl

Have you decided on a flower girl for your wedding yet? If yes, it is time to choose her dress, which can actually be a fun time for both of you. After all, next to the bride, the flower girl will be getting a lot of the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’. When choosing a flower girl’s dress, begin by checking out boutiques that specialize in children’s wedding wear. A regular wedding shop may be able to help, however usually these shops will only adjust adult measurements to fit a small child, which could cause the dress to look disproportionate to the child’s body frame. Although the bride may already have a design in mind for choosing the flower girl’s dress, remember that the parents will be paying for it, unless otherwise arranged. Let the flower girl’s mom and the flower girl, herself give opinions to the dress you are looking at and be sure it is in a price range they can afford. Remember to keep in mind that little girls grow fast, when choosing your flower girl’s dress. If you are ordering the dress six months in advance, you may want to add a few inches to the dress, which can then be altered the week before the wedding. Just like with any dress, it will be easier to take it in than adding material to a dress that is too small. Little girls like to feel like princesses in their dresses. So consider a smaller make to your wedding gown when choosing a flower girl’s dress. Traditional flower girl dresses are usually white with full, ruffle skirts underneath to give them the ‘bridal’ look. Flower accented dresses are also popular among flower girls. Use hoop slips to give them that princess look. Keep in mind the material you are selecting. A soft, silky feel will leave your flower girl less fidgety versus and rougher material that will make them itch and feeling uncomfortable. When choosing your flower girl’s dress, do not forget to find matching accents for her hair. Decide if you want her hair up or down. With either, adding baby’s breath and ribbons will give her a beautiful look of enchantment. Also let her parent’s know what type of shoe you would like her to wear with her dress. If you choose a shorter dress, close toe or an open sandal, depending on the time of year, would be appropriate. If the dress is long and flowing, covering her feet, think about letting her wear white slippers. This will ensure her comfort and make the event more enjoyable for everyone. Flower girls add a cute touch to any wedding. Let her carry a beautiful bouquet or throw flower pedals down the aisle as she walks, which is usually the tradition of her role. If the child you choose is too small to walk, decorate a red wagon in a lot of white lace and flowers and let an older child, or bridesmaid pull the wagon down the aisle. Published at: